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By default, name matches are exact. That is, searching for "Steve" will match only Steve, not Steven or Stephen. If you're not sure what form the person uses, you can use * as a "wildcard". For example, "Ste*" will match Steve, Steven, Stephen, Stephanie, or anything else starting with Ste.

Wildcards can also be helpful if you're not sure how to spell someone's last name. For example, married women may be listed in the system with a hyphenated last name, but you might know them by their maiden name, in which case "Smith*" would match not only Smith, Smithers and Smitherman, but also Smith-Jones, etc. Wildcards can also appear at the beginning or in the middle, so "*Smith*" would additionally match Jones-Smith, etc., and "T*om*son" would match Thompson, Tompson or Thomson.

If you only know the person's first or last name, you can enter only that, but expect more results. Entering both names, if you know them, will provide a much smaller result set.

Searches are NOT case-sensitive, so searching for "smith", "Smith" or "SMITH" will all give the same results.


On the My Profile -> Preferences page, you can set a number of options which change the way the site works for you.

Enable Personal iCal Feed

iCal is a standardized format for exchanging schedule information between applications. Zuluru supports iCal output in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most useful is the "Personal Feed".

If you edit your preferences to enable this, you will be able to have iCal, Google Calendar and others automatically pull your schedule, from week to week, season to season, and year to year, and keep you informed of all of your upcoming games.

To add your personal feed to iCal, copy the link from the iCal logo at the bottom of the main Zuluru page. Then, go to the Calendar menu in iCal, pick Subscribe, and paste in the link.

To add your personal feed to Google Calendar, just click the "Add to Google Calendar" link at the bottom of the main page.

Always Send Attendance Reminder Emails

When a team is using attendance tracking and enables reminder emails, by default these reminders will only be sent to players who have not yet indicated their attendance. If you would like to get a reminder of the game location and time even if you have set your attendance in advance, edit your preferences to enable this option.

Date/Day/Time Format

By default, this system formats 8PM as 12:00AM, and today as either Thu Jun 13 or Jun 13, 2024 (depending on the context). Edit your preferences to change these settings to something that suits you better (e.g. many people prefer 12 hour format to 24 hour).

Player Photos

The My Profile -> Upload Photo page will allow you to upload a photo of yourself, further personalizing your profile, and making it easier for coaches and captains to recognize you for all-star nominations and roster recruiting. Note that your photo is never visible to anyone outside the site, only to logged-in members of the club.

Skill Level

When you first create a Zuluru profile, you set your skill level by answering a short questionnaire. Many players then just leave this alone, and it becomes increasingly inaccurate; we get better with experience, but we slow down as we age. It is recommended to revisit this questionnaire every year or two, so that your skill level remains an accurate representation of your abilities. The questionnaire is accessed through the My Profile -> Edit page, in the "Your Player Profile" section.

There is a misconception in some areas that your skill level in some way affects your team's standings or the way that you move up and down the ladder. This is not the case. Average team skill levels may be used, in the absence of any other data (such as previous season results or other personal knowledge of the team), to determine the initial placement of a team. However, this is generally immaterial in a round-robin league, and will very quickly be corrected in a ladder league, so there is no benefit to falsifying your skill level.

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